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Chocolat Vitale is the ultimate European Hot Chocolate experience!

Angelina Vitale

Angelina Vitale

Italian form of the Late Latin name Vitalis, which was derived from Latin vitalis, meaning “full of life, vital.”

Jen & Jim Schneider founded Chocolat Vitale in honor of Jim’s grandmother, Angelina Vitale, who used to serve him a deliciously rich hot chocolate when he was young. He had never tasted anything like his grandmother’s recipe until he began traveling to Europe, where the hot chocolate served there more closely resembled what he had as a child .

Being serious chocolate connoisseurs, Jen & Jim created Chocolat Vitale “The Drink of the Gods,” a sinfully rich European hot chocolate. Not your typical hot chocolate!

Made from a blend of pure Swiss and Belgian chocolate with a twist, Chocolat Vitale is truly a rich and decadent drink. There is no cocoa powder in this drink as you find in most hot chocolate mixes – it is pure chocolate.

When they left Seattle, Jen & Jim left Chocolat Vitale in the hands of their long-time assistant, Janet Eicher, who, along with her husband and her sister, opened the first retail outlet for the brand, while maintaining the strong on-line and wholesale following. The brick-and-mortar store in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, combines their love of fine chocolate with their passion for eclectic foods, beverages, art and collectibles.

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