• ​From their home base in the Abruzzo Region of Italy, ADI’s Iacovanelli family cares for their bees on strictly organic foraging lands. They blend solid traditions with contemporary innovation. Their honeys are harvested only when they are fully mature - when each honey’s flavor, color, aroma, and nutritional content reaches its pinnacle. Their work with mono-varietal honeys, created during peak flowering for each specific crop, has propelled ADI to the national forefront. Now, after nearly 150 years of dedication, the fourth generation of the Iacovanelli family is one of Italy’s most honored honey producers. All ADI organic honeys are raw, unpasteurized, unfiltered, and contain no artificial colors or sweeteners.
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    Thick and creamy balsamic vinegar from Argentina, made from concentrated white grape must and Ugni Blanc variety white wine vinegar. Aged for a year in oak barrels, it is then slowly cooked over low heat for a week, resulting in a thick and creamy product with a balanced palate - without any type of colorants or preservatives.
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    This second generation family-owned mill in the heart of San Juan province of Argentina produces excellent quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The family decided to transform its production to focus solely on quality, revamping the old mill to a modern facility to guarantee the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils. They hand select the best olives directly from the family owned Estate. This is the first/cold press on the estate with less than .05% acidity. Tasting Note This blend of Arbequina, Arauco and Manzanilla olives makes for a very smooth olive oil. Sight: Light yellow with a slight green hue. Aroma: grassy with a very subtle citric hint such as lemon peel. Taste: Very smooth and full, herbacious but also a slight hint of green pine. Refreshing with a very small touch of spice at the end making it feel very rounded.
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    Laur is the oldest olive oil producer in the Mendoza province of Argentina. They have been making Olive Oil on the same grounds since 1906 in the sub-region of Mendoza called Cruz de Piedra. Made from 100% Arauco Olives, the flagship olive for Argentina and is commonly referred to as the 'Malbec of Oil.' It is known as a full-bodied olive with a spicy finish. This is the first/cold press on the estate with less than .05% acidity. Intense green-yellow color.
  • Made with 40% Piedmont hazelnuts, egg white, sugar, cocoa and vanilla. Crunchy, light, and gluten-free. Pairs well with milk and caffè lattes.
  • Pasta di Liguria is an organic regional specialty, signed by the Minaglia family, which for over thirty years has been producing top quality pasta in the Ligurian hinterland. A healthy and genuine product, from field to table, with only organic, natural and local ingredients, without the addition of dyes and aromas, processed with pure spring water. Durum wheat semolina pasta from organic farming.
  • Substantial, short durum wheat pasta resembling two intertwined spirals. Attractive shape that also retains a variety of pasta sauces. Great in pasta al forno baked pasta dishes as well. The Pastificio La Romagna was established over 50 years ago in Foligno, the provincial of heart of Umbrian in central Italy, by pasta artisan Libio Fratini. La Romagna is a family-based, small-scale producer of traditional durum wheat and egg pastas. La Romagna pastas contain the finest ingredients available, such as Apulian durum wheat flour, and pure filtered water. Gradual air-drying before packaging preserves the pasta's hearty structure, full flavor, and sauce-gripping texture.
  • A skillful combination of naturally gluten-free organic flours gave origin to PASTA NATURA's chickpeas, corn and rice flour pasta. This pasta has all the characteristics of good quality pasta: it doesn't overcook and remains firm to the bite, it's so rough and porous that the sauce perfectly binds to it, it's tasty and fragrant. It's a balanced and complete food.
  • Classic pesto with Ligurian basil, EVOO, pine nuts, and pecorino.
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    Rich, basil-packed pasta sauce from the Italian Riviera. Made with EVOO, pine nuts, cheese, salt, garlic, wine vinegar.
  • Casina Rossa Sugo al Pomodoro di Abruzzo Classic Abruzzo ‘red sauce.’ Made from fresh tomatoes, oregano, garden vegetables, and EVOO. Suggested for roasted meats and all types of pastas.​
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    From Radici of Tuscany - Organic Fig Jam Wholesome, lightly sweet fig conserve. Delicate, handmade. Complements blue and soft goat cheeses, yogurts, cured meats and poultry.
  • From Slovenia, Piranske Soline Fior di Sale - the purest and most precious salt of the harvest. “Salt Flowers” are skimmed from the very top of the salt pans.


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