Operating out of their small factory in Eureka, California, Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor of Dick Taylor source the finest fair-trade organic cacao from around the world and craft it into truly delicious chocolate. The path to bean-to-bar chocolate was far from a conventional one for these boys, as former boat makers whose business evolved from their love of carefully crafting their wares. Today, their meticulous approach of artistry and craftsmanship has metamorphosed into the production of some truly original craft chocolate, the result of extraordinary sourcing adventures and a very hands-on approach, particularly when it comes to roasting their beans in order to bring out the very best flavours. Their efforts have truly paid off. Their delicious inclusions lines and single origin bars, with a particular nod to their micro-batch limited edition bars crafted from some of the world’s rarest beans, are sure to delight and excite. After being beautifully moulded, the chocolate is finally wrapped up somewhat regally, with the front of each bar bearing an illustration of a boat under construction as a homage to their former jobs.