Dick Taylor / French Wine Pairing Combo


Enjoy and compare all three of our pairings of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate with fine French Wines.

#1. Bruit de Franc by Couly Dutheil ($21) with Dick Taylor’s Fleur de Sel 74% Dominican Republic ($8.50).

#2. 2013 Cotes Du Rhone Villages by Chateau la Borie ($22) with Dick Taylor Black Fig 72% Madagascar ($8.50).

#3. 2011 Cotes Du Roussillon by Bernard Magrez ($23) with Dick Taylor Limited Edition 70% Bolivia ($11).

For online wine orders, one unit in your cart is for three bottles (one of each above), and price reflects a $19 surcharge for shipping and handling. See our Wine Shipping FAQ. One unit of Dick Taylor for this combo includes one of each of the three 2 oz bars.



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