Our chocolate blogger, Bethany Waller, will be contributing her tasting impressions of some of our craft chocolate selections. Today’s is Dick Taylor Jamaica Bachelor’s Hall Limited Release 75% Dark Chocolate. You can browse all our available Dick Taylor selections here.

Every Dick Taylor bar compels one to journey on a vessel to uncharted waters for the palate — and Jamaica is no exception. A wooden boat sails over swell and wave on a moonlit evening on its packaging, beckoning the chocolate lover to venture on a quest to taste.

The signature Dick Taylor print on the bar — fleur-de-lis patterned inside diagonaled diamonds – defies a guided pattern or a chocolate square. I pressure the bar for that perfect snap, and wonder – how much chocolate will break?

A low tide swell of creamy chocolate melts over my tongue on first taste, seeming more milky than its impressive 75% cacao. No bright surprises at first — just a peaceful crescendo of whipped up foamy honey on bread – slow and slumbering, melting like a wave over my taste buds.

When I breathe air in over the chocolate’s melt and let it travel toward the back of my tongue and throat, I can sense the white blush of fleshy fruit, perhaps a peach or apricot. Subtle but adding a touch of sunlight to the quiet creaminess.

The bar finishes with a burst of sugary sweet — perhaps like a dried fig or caramel, sweeter than the rest. I love this bar for the serene, perfect creamy wash over my tongue with occasional sweeter swells of fresh apricot and then a splash of sweetness at the finish. It’s the peaceful chocolate quest that I will always be ready to explore — again and again.